The Buying Process

If you have made the decision to procure your FL homeowner insurance from us, we thank you.  We know you have made the right decision.  This page is dedicated to teaching you how the process is performed.

As you may have figured out by now, buying homeowners insurance is not as easy as other insurance products.  What we mean by this is that you can’t just fill out an online form without an agents help and obtain a policy.  Sure you can get rough estimates of what rates might be, but there is no way to secure the policy by yourself.  That’s quite alright because this type of insurance needs a bit of an agents touch.

What does for you is first access your County’s property appraiser website and our agents locate your home’s details.  All the values on that page help us to figure out which limit to place on your homeowners policy.  We are also able to take an aerial look at your roof from Google maps to see if the shape of your roof will give you any discount.

After a limit is calculated, we have powerful software that is used to aggregate all of our 37 companies from low premium to high and it gives us a guide as to which companies we should visit to finalize a rate for you.  What is interesting to note is that every company shows a rate in every zip code, but that doesn’t mean they are currently available to obtain coverage from.  If we find that the lowest priced company is not “open” we move on to the next company to lock in a quote for you.

We like to speak with every client before we quote so we know which discounts a client is eligible for.  We give all discounts such as being in a secured community, having a monitored alarm, good credit score discounts and many more.

We will also add in your wind mitigation values, if you’ve had this type of inspection completed, and we adjust your rate accordingly.

From this point, we have checked all the companies one by one and are confident we’ve found you the absolute best rate amongst all our companies.  The quote is then emailed to you for review.  We like to give several deductible options and policy choices so that our client can choose the most appropriate policy for their needs.  Adjustments can be made after review to fine tune the policy and further tailor it to best meet ones needs.

The application phase is simple.  We write the policy quick and effectively right over the phone so you don’t have to travel to our office.  All applications are electronic and we submit the application directly to the underwriter at the company.  We also add in your lender information so that you are in compliance with your loan requirements, sending both you and your lender the declarations page and invoice on the spot.

You may make payment directly to the insurance company. Many of them have online payment methods, but you could simply send them a check or instruct us to inform your lender to make a payment.

Your policy is mailed to you directly from the insurance company and you are all set in procuring your new policy.

If by any chance there are any underwriting requirements, we contact you and make sure your policy is kept in good order by complying with the insurance companies requirements.

Finally, we check in with you via email around renewal time and encourage you to let us shop your policy again, especially if your rate rises. With the 37 companies at our disposal, keeping your rates down is easy for us to do.  However, from our experience, nearly all company rates have been rather stable, so renewing is probable.

If you have any further questions or comments after reading this process, please call us at 352-200-2066 or go ahead and request a quote now.  Thank you for considering as your agent.