Florida Homeowners Insurance Facts – What’s Covered and What’s Excluded

Whether you already have a Florida homeowners insurance policy or planning to get another one, you should make sure you know exactly which items are covered and which situations are excluded. More exceptions would mean lesser chance to claim insurance. Your agent may have told you a lot of things about your insurance but you may also not realize that he or she may have left out the most important Florida homeowners insurance facts.

Insurance agents often leave some Florida homeowners insurance facts undisbursed in the assumption that you already know. You should find an insurance agent that is reliable and honorable enough to tell you what you need to know most about your insurance policy. Take FLHomeownerinsurance.com for example. We make sure to answer all of your policy questions, so you are a better informed consumer. Don’t ever accede to an agent that seems too eager to get you to sign up. Such agents are most likely more interested in getting their commission than in actually delivering the insurance plan that you really need. It may seem silly but a lot of homeowners have been paying premiums only to find out that some areas are not covered by the insurance when they finally need to file a claim.

Florida Homeowners Insurance Facts - What's Covered and What's Excluded

Below are Some Items Raised on a Florida Homeowners Insurance Facts Meeting:

· Exclusion of Earthquake or Earth movements

· War

· Nuclear Accidents

· Neglect

· Loss of property

· Power failure – A power surge on electrical appliances causing damage worth under $500.00 is not covered unless caused by lightning.

· Intentional Loss or Motivated destruction

· Government Action

· Flood Damage – Water flooding is not included in basic home owners insurance. The federal government has required a separate flood insurance policy. A house or condo unit owner may file for an insurance claim over damaged pipes or leaky water systems but never for natural flood damage.

The secret to getting what you pay for is total commitment to reading the policy. Ask your agent about specific Florida homeowners insurance facts to avoid overlooking important matters and to steer clear of miscommunication and misinterpretation. Also, relay your facts honestly and precisely. Some insurance companies will not even grant you an insurance policy if you live in an area classified as too “risky”. This scenario is not a favorable one if you fail to disclose such important detail. If your house is located on a cliff, chances are house destruction due to landslide is not even covered. If you can’t get your house insured because it is defined as too risky, you may search about the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plans and figure out which kind of plan is suitable for you.

In conclusion, knowing most Florida homeowners insurance facts will help spare you from getting ripped off on premiums that are not even necessary.

If you are in need of a better policy or have questions about your current policy, contact the agents of FLHomeownerinsurance.com at 352-200-2066 or fill out a quote request here and we’ll help you today.

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