FL Homeowner Insurance – 6 Steps to Find a Company

From which carrier should you get your FL homeowner insurance policy? This is a challenging question for most homeowners since they want to get the best policy at an affordable price. Here are some tips on choosing the best provider.

Best Way To Find FL Homeowner Insurance

FL Homeowner Insurance

    1. Before requesting for a quote, you need to prepare all the necessary information, including: the square footage of your house and the year it was built, basic details of its construction, how much coverage you want and what deductible you are accepting. In addition, if you have installed any security features in your house such as fire alarms and security systems, you should also mention these.
    2. Get a list of FL homeowner insurance providers that issue policies in your county from online brokers and request for quotes from them. Don’t just look at the premiums that they charge but also the coverage they offer. Keep in mind that you can adjust some of the data to modify the quote. For example, if you request for a higher deductible, the amount of the premiums will go down.
    3. Visit the website of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to search for insurance providers who are licensed to do business in the state. Contact some of the lesser-known companies to see if they offer quotes that are competitive with those of the bigger companies. But don’t forget to look at the features of the policies as well.
    4. Consider how good the service offered by the provider is. The best indicator is to look at how fast they process claims. You can look at review sites to see the service ranks they give these companies, or you can contact the provider directly and ask how long the turn-around time is for claims. The shorter the turn-around time, the better.
    5. Look at the financial ratings of FL homeowner insurance providers. In particular check out reserves since this is a measure of how capable the company is of settling claims. However, you should also consider that having low reserves in not necessarily a sign of poor financial health since smaller companies resort to reinsurance, or buying coverage from overseas providers to cover claims.
    6. Check out FL homeowner insurance providers that are marketing directly to consumers. Since they don’t use agents or other middlemen, in theory, they can offer lower rates because they can pass on their savings to the consumers. In fact, you may already have flyers from these companies since direct mail is one of their marketing techniques.

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