Three Must-Know Things About Homeowners Insurance for Florida

Homeowners insurance for Florida, also known as home insurance or hazard insurance, brings peace of mind to homeowners who don’t want anything for their home but protection. Not only does this type of property insurance cover private homes, it also covers losses and damages of insured homeowners’ personal belongings in their house.

At this moment, you may be thinking that having home insurance is not necessary just to live in comfort, but it’s in fact vital during unexpected circumstances, particularly during catastrophic ones. Here are the three must-know things on homeowners insurance for Florida that can surely widen your perspective on this type of insurance:

must-know things on homeowners insurance for Florida

Two Types of Homeowners Insurance for Florida

1. Building insurance. This type of home insurance protects the structure of your house and provides long-term fixtures including the living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. Unfortunately, this insurance does not cover the personal properties in your home.

2. Contents insurance. This type covers movable properties in your home like furniture, appliances, gadgets, clothes, and pictures. If you need both building and contents insurance, you may want to purchase two separate policies from different insurance firms. However, most homeowners prefer to purchase a joint policy, which covers both types of home insurance, from an insurer in order to save money.

Homeowners Insurance for Lost or Stolen Personal Belongings

Not only do most insured people add their personal belongings located in their home to their contents policy, they also include properties that they bring outside of the house such as jewelries, cellular phones, laptops, cameras, and bikes. It’s one of the must-know things on homeowners insurance for Florida that you should understand in order to protect your properties from being lost or stolen.

The insured, in fact, don’t need to make a list of the items in their home that they want to include in their contents policy. But if you have items that are worth more than $1,500 such as jewelries, they will be listed as specified items. Just make sure that you manually list expensive items in your contents policy to avoid headache when they are lost or are stolen.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance for Florida Insurance Cost?

In order to calculate the cost to offer, home insurance companies depend on the dimension and location of the house, the facilities near the house, and the contents of the house. This is also one of the must-know things on homeowners insurance for Florida that you should consider to get lower premium from your insurers. For instance, if the house is located near a fire station, they will charge you a cheaper premium. would like to show you exactly how much insurance will cost you…

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